Ways to Get Active

The Instant Activist

Go Online

  • Send a message of compassion with every e-mail by including animal rights quotes or video links in your e-mail signature. You can even advertise free vegetarian starter kits!
  • Send animal-friendly e-cards.
  • Surf the Web for animal rights wallpaper and screensavers, and download them onto your home and work computers. If anyone asks questions, talk to them about your convictions!
  • Speak your mind on message boards. Big tip: Spice up your profile or member page with animal rights quotes, links, and icons or avatars. They're fun and straight to the point, and they're never off-topic!
  • Put PETA on your Web site or blog! Update friends and readers about the latest animal rights issues with our RSS feeds. Add a Web banner or simply link to PETA's Web sites to help them get clicking.
  • Upload animal rights videos onto your own Web sites as well as sharing sites like YouTube.com.
  • Join PETA's Activist Network and receive action alerts, news, and other information about animal rights.


  • Wear animal rights T-shirts and buttons—you can order them here or design your own!
  • Go sticker-happy with the sticker pack that comes with a free vegetarian starter kit. Put stickers on your notebooks, your phone, and anything else that you own that needs an animal rights message. If you run out, you can always order more. Get bumper stickers and magnets too!

Be a Caring Consumer

  • Keep an eye out for products that aren't tested on animals and don't have animal ingredients. Download a shopping guide to make your trips to the grocery store quick and easy.
  • Give gifts that are cruelty-free.
  • Introduce your hairdresser to animal-friendly hair products.
  • Pay your bills on time—and put a leaflet in the envelope for good measure!
  • Donate to animal charities and other charities that don't support animal testing.
  • Invest in cruelty-free companies and support animal-friendly shareholder resolutions.

Act Locally

  • Spay or neuter your companion animals, treat them well, and don't ever chain them.
  • Give away animal rights videos and books to friends, relatives, and even libraries!
  • Get video rental stores or appliance stores to play animal rights videos on their TVs.
  • Play animal-friendly albums and audio books while carpooling to work.
  • Post leaflets on community billboards and leave them for others to read in common rooms, lobbies, and other public places (but don't litter). You can even stand on a street corner and hand them out yourself!
  • Take advantage of shows and segments on TV and radio where people are encouraged to call or SMS their feedback. With so many issues linked to animal rights—health, weight loss, politics, law enforcement, gambling, human rights, labor, spirituality, and education, just to name a few—there's always a way to incorporate compassion for our fellow creatures into the conversation.
  • Give eavesdroppers something to think about. Speak loudly and proudly whenever you're discussing animal rights with a friend. Animals can't talk in ways that humans can understand, so let's speak up for them.
  • One of the easiest things you can do to help PETA help animals is to collect sign-ups, which enable us to grow. Everyone who signs up will get PETA's e-news, packed with up-to-date news, event listings, and tips for helping animals. Collecting sign-ups is simple: Just print off a few copies of the form below, grab a pen and clipboard, go somewhere with lots of people, and ask them to sign up! When a page is full, please mail it to:

    PETA Asia-Pacific
    GPO Box 1700
    Hong Kong


    PETA Asia-Pacific
    Unit 706, Fedman Building
    199 Salcedo St.
    Legaspi Village, Makati
    Philippines 1229

    Or scan and e-mail it to Info@PETAAsiaPacific.com.

    PETA sign-up sheet
    PETA sign-up sheet
    If you're having trouble opening the file above, please download Adobe Reader.

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Tips for Activists in Training

Write On

  • Dash off a quick letter or e-mail to newspapers, TV stations or shows, and other media. Thank them for a job well done whenever they air animal-friendly messages, or point out what's wrong with stories and shows that degrade, ridicule, or harm animals. Many outlets, especially those that run investigative pieces, will welcome your ideas and suggestions. Check out PETA US' letter-writing guide to help you get started.
  • E-mail or call customer-service lines to praise companies that don't test on animals and to complain to companies that do. Click here to check out PETA US' naughty-or-nice list.
  • Let your favorite restaurant and grocery store know that you want more vegan options.
  • Many stores don't let their customers (or even their salespeople) know that they're selling fake leather, faux fur, and other synthetic materials because they think people prefer the real thing. Write a letter urging them to be proudly cruelty-free—you can even send them videos about the cruel skins industry.
  • Write to local schools and ask them to stop keeping animals in the classroom, requiring students to dissect, or taking students to zoos, marine parks, or other animal shows for field trips. Don't forget to suggest vegan meals in cafeterias and dorms!
  • Write to legislators and urge them to make more animal-friendly laws or to support ones that are already in the works. Always thank them when they do.
  • Tell companies that you won't stand for their sponsorship of events like circuses and other traveling acts that use animals.

Take Action

  • Get together with your neighbors and plan a spay/neuter drive in your community. Many veterinarians will be glad to pitch in for free.
  • Do a bit of undercover work: Visit zoos, complete this zoo checklist, and send us the results!
  • Report cruelty to animals to the police or other authorities. They might find it odd at first, but they'll take things seriously when more people voice their concern for animals.
  • Instead of simply hoping that there's something edible at the next big party, join the food committee and make sure that vegans are well represented. Bring your favorite vegan dish to share at a potluck—but make sure that you have enough recipe cards, because everyone will want one!
  • Offer to show videos, sponsor speakers, and hold seminars on animal issues.
  • Interested in placing an ad or public service announcement with an animal rights message in local media? Click here for more information.

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The Super Activist

The following are some things you can do to be a super activist for animals:

  • Walk the neighbor's dog. You might even get paid!
  • Help out at animal shelters. Volunteers can help by feeding animals, taking them on walks, and cleaning out their enclosures—and simply by showering animals with the love and attention they crave.
  • Get involved with a local soup kitchen or any charity that feeds poor people in the community. Suggest and help make vegan dishes—they're good for humans' health, the planet, and the poor.
  • Help build doghouses for backyard dogs. Make sure that there's enough dry straw for bedding.
  • Set up an information table during community events and gatherings.
  • Hold a weekly volunteer work party to write letters, help out at a shelter, or plan demos. The more, the merrier!
  • Work or intern for PETA!

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