PETA Announces the Best-Dressed Celebrities

PETA Announces the Best-Dressed Celebrities

Maggie Q

When it comes to style, everyone knows that real fur has fallen farther from grace than fanny packs and that only ugly people still think that looking like cavepeople is cool.

These days, tons of trendsetting celebs are proving that you can get a killer style without hurting a hair on a bunny's back. It wasn't easy, but we narrowed down the competition of fur-free fashionistas to the following five sexy celebs who know that compassion is the ultimate fashion:

  • Actor and former fashion model Maggie Q is gorgeous, but her beauty is more than skin deep. While making her recent film, Three Kingdoms, costarring Andy Lau, Maggie convinced the production team to remove all real fur from the set and use fashionable faux alternatives instead! Maggie says, "It was several years ago when I was mature enough to open my heart to all the information out there that I gave up fur. We are all compassionate beings—it's how much compassion we choose to give that defines us."
  • Stunning Grammy Award–winning soprano Su-Mi Jo's fur-free wardrobe is always pitch-perfect. A lifelong animal lover, Su-Mi knows that—just like her beloved canine companion, Cindy—all animals deserve to live.
  • Lovely Sun Li (aka Betty Sun) can add being named to PETA's Best-Dressed Celebs list to her rapidly growing list of accomplishments. "After watching PETA's undercover investigation footage of fur farms, I felt sick. It's so terrible! To me, it's a shame to decorate yourself with the dead animals," says Sun Li. Sun Li gained international prominence as Jet Li's costar in the hit film Fearless, and she was recently named Best Actress at Roma Fiction Fest for her role in the TV series Iron Road, costarring Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka-fai. "I believe kind people will choose not to wear fur once they know how animals loose their lives for a fur coat or bit of trim."
  • Award-winning actor Karen Mok earned a spot on our list for her real-life role as a staunch animal advocate who knows that "[t]he skin and fur of animals belong on their bodies, not ours." Karen has appeared in nearly 40 films, including Fallen Angels, for which she received a Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress. Karen was the first female artist from Hong Kong to win Taiwan's prestigious Golden Melody Award. She was also the first Asian star to take the lead role in the Broadway hit musical Rent; she played the lead on the musical's 10th Anniversary World Tour.
  • Is there anything that Japanese singer, actor, model, dancer, and erotic-novel writer Aya Sugimoto can't do? Maybe not, but we can think of one thing she won't do—wear fur. "I stopped wearing fur two years ago after having learned how products are made. I want people to know the cruel and sinister reality," says Aya. She has since started her own faux-fur clothing line called "Dear Elsa," which is named after her cat.

Want to look fabulous like these animal-friendly fashionistas?

Clean your closets and your conscience by pledging to be fur-free and donating your old fur items to PETA U.S. Then celebrate your new look with a cruelty-free shopping spree! You'll look smashing, and you'll feel great knowing that your wardrobe didn't cost an animal an arm or a leg.

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