Stars Shine for PETA in the Philippines

Isabel Roces in her GoVeg Ad

Anything we can do to lessen the suffering of animals used in the food industry makes the world a better place for all of us.

—Raya Mananquil

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They are animal rights activists first and actors, models, singers, and photographers second—and they have played a key role in shining light on PETA's work for animals in the Philippines.

PETA launched its first celebrity ad in the Philippines in 2004. The ad promoted a healthy vegetarian diet and featured radiant top model Isabel Roces—granddaughter of Don Chino Roces—in a stunning gown made entirely of cabbage leaves.

A year later, this time wearing little more than a smile, Isabel posed for another PETA ad. A perfect depiction of vegetarian health and beauty, Isabel reclined naked amid carefully arranged hot chili peppers under a sign reading, "Spice Up Your Diet. Go Vegetarian."

Heating up the music scene is vegetarian Kitchie Nadal, who has been spotted wearing PETA T-shirts at concerts and poetry readings.

Models and longtime vegetarians Chin-Chin Gutierrez, Raya Mananquil, and Corey Wills have also appeared in PETA ads. Chin-Chin dressed as a sexy mermaid to stick up for sea life. And in an ad released just in time for Christmas, Raya posed as a modern-day angel holding a baby pig, encouraging people in the Philippines—home to Asia's largest pig factory farm—to "Be an Angel: Go Vegetarian." In the first of two ads that he modeled for, Corey wore a Santa hat and had a baby chick on his shoulder, wishing everyone a "Merry Chickmas! Bring Joy to a Bird's World—Boycott KFC." In the second ad, Corey posed with three baby chickens to let people know that chicks love a vegetarian. The chicks are now full grown and live in Palawan.

Helping to make these beautiful ads possible are some of the country's top photographers, including Toto Labrador, Giampero Gastaldi, Victor Consunji, and Ronnie Salvacion, who have all donated their talent and time to PETA.

Vegetarian Diets: Good for Animals, the Environment, and Your Health

As more U.S. and European corporations move their production overseas in an effort to dodge strict environmental laws, the Philippines has seen an expansion of cruel, environmentally destructive factory farms that consume massive amounts of water, energy, and land.

In factory farms, animals are confined to small stalls or cages, where they are often unable to turn around or take even a single step in any direction. They are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, including exercise, sunlight, and the opportunity to feel grass beneath their feet.

Vegetarian food is heart-smart: Meat and other animal products are full of fat and cholesterol that can clog arteries and lead to heart disease, obesity, several types of cancer, and various other illnesses. Avoid supporting the cruelty of factory farms. Please watch the powerful video "Meet Your Meat," and order a free vegetarian starter kit.

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