Meet the 2010 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Winners!

Meet the 2010 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Winners! Photo by Pete Yeung - Bread Pete / CC by SA 2.0

Award-winning singer and songwriter Khalil Fong has been crowned Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian man for 2010, while Chinese pop singer Jane Zhang has won the title of Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian woman. Soap opera star–turned–Hollywood hottie Isabel Lucas was voted the Sexiest Vegetarian Australian celebrity.

Khalil—who has won many awards, including the Best Male Singer in the 14th Global Chinese Music Award (2010)—broke into fame with his first album Soul Boy. He released his fifth album, Timeless—which featured covers of songs by Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson—in January. He recently won two Best Golden Melody Awards at the first My Astro Music Awards (2009) and also received awards for Best Album (Orange Moon) and Best International Singer.

Jane's fourth chart-topping album Believe in Jane was released this year. Her hit song "Painted Heart," which was used in Painted Skin, was awarded Best Original Film Song at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2009. Zhang, who went vegetarian because of her concerns over the environmental destruction that is caused by raising animals for meat, says that a vegetarian diet is an easy way to stay in shape. "Going vegetarian keeps me healthy and fit, all while saving the environment and not contributing to animal suffering," she says.

Isabel—who went vegetarian after watching the documentary Earthlings at the home of Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis—says she doesn't feel limited by her vegetarian diet. "I eat lots of veggies and pasta and nuts, tofu and soups". She says of her decision, "[I]t's a simple small step I can take … it works well for my body and I also feel more in tune." Isabel started her career with a role on Australian soap opera Home and Away. She has since appeared in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Daybreakers, among other films.

Other top vote-getters include pop star Faye Wong; model and star–turned–Hollywood hottie Maggie Q; actor Zeng Li (who is known as the queen of prime-time TV in China); TV personalities Ruby Rose and Andrew G; Indian screen legend Amitabh Bachchan; Taiwanese music legend Yaya Meng; cricket sensation Srishant; and Taiwanese actor Barbie Hsu.

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Below is the complete list of vegetarian celebrities who were in the running.


Abbie Cornish
Aditi Govitrikar
Alanis Morissette
Alexis Stewart
Alicia Malone
Alicia Mayer
Alicia Silverstone
Alyssa Milano
Amber Valletta
Amee Robinson
   (The Ruby Suns)
Amrita Rao
Axella Johannesson
Aya Liu
Barbie Hsu
Brigitte Bardot
Bryce Dallas Howard
Carolyn Murphy
Carré Otis
Carrie Underwood
Charli Delaney
Chelsea Clinton
Chin-Chin Gutierrez
Chrissie Hynde
Christie Brinkley
Chynna Phillips
Cory Quirino
Cynthia Alexander
Daryl Hannah
Deni Hines
Diane Keaton
Diane Warren
Elizabeth Berkley
Ellen DeGeneres
Emily Barclay
Emily Deschanel
Emmylou Harris
Erykah Badu
Faye Wong
Fiona Apple
Gao Yuanyuan
Geneva Cruz
Ginnifer Goodwin
Gloria Steinem
Grace Slick
Hannah Rastovich
Hayden Panettiere
Imogen Bailey
Isabel Lucas
Isabel Roces
Sen. Jamby Madrigal
Jane Wiedlin
Jane Zhang
Jayde Nicole
Jenna Jameson
Jessica Napier
Joan Jett
Jorja Fox
Joss Stone
Judith Durham
Juliana Palermo
Kareena Kapoor
k.d. lang
Kim Basinger
Kooky Tuason
Kristen Bell
Kylie Bax
Lake Bell
Lauren Bush
Leona Lewis
Lindsay Wagner
Lisa Edelstein
Long Kuan
Lougee Basabas
Lucy Davis
Maggie Q
Mahima Chaudhry
Maricel Laxa
Marieke Hardy
Marilu Henner
Mary Tyler Moore
Meryll Soriano
Missy Higgins
Myf Shepherd
Natalie Portman
Olivia Wilde
Pamela Anderson
Petra Nemcova
Pippa Black
Portia de Rossi
Princess Superstar
Rachael Leigh Cook
Radha Mitchell
Raya Mananquil
Rosanna Arquette
Ruby Rose
Sadie Frost
Sami Lukis
   (Triple M Brisbane)
Shania Twain
Shanna Moakler
Shannon Elizabeth
Sheryl Lee
Siriyakorn Pukkavesa
Sophie Monk
Stella McCartney
Stephanie Ashworth
   (Something for Kate)
Summer Phoenix
Tatjana Patitz
Tatum O'Neal
Thora Birch
Tian Yuan
Traci Bingham
Vanessa A. Williams
Vidya Balan
Wawi Navarroza
Wendie Malick
Yasmien Kurdi
Yaya Meng
Zeng Li
Zooey Deschanel


Alec Baldwin
Amitabh Bachchan
André 3000
Andrew G
Anthony Kiedis
Ash Chandler
Ash Grunwald
Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel)
Blue Lan
Bryan Adams
Cameron Gilmour
   (Behind Crimson Eyes)
Carl Lewis
Carlos Agassi
Casey Affleck
Chris DeCinque
   (Closure in Moscow)
Chris Harding
   (The Black Stars)
Chris Lilley
Chris Ross
Clint Splattering
   (Amity Affliction)
Corey Feldman
Corey Wills
Damian Marley
Dan Abrams
Daniel Johns
Dan Males
Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy)
Darren Hanlon
Dave Meyers
Dave Rastovich
DJ Snair (Social Change)
Dominic Simper
   (Tame Impala)
Edward Furlong
Emcee (Social Change)
Eric Stoltz
Forest Whitaker
Fred Schneider
Funkwig (Social Change)
Glenn Richards
   (Augie March)
Gordy Foreman
   (Frenzal Rhomb and Mindsnare)
Grant Aleksander
Greg Chappell
Gregg Turkington
   (aka "Neil Hamburger")
Horatio Sanz
Ian Baddley (The Drugs)
Israel McDean (Antagonist)
Jackie Lui
James Cromwell
Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Mildren
   (Architecture in Helsinki)
Jared Leto
Jason Mraz
Jason Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb)
J.D. Fortune
Joaquin Phoenix
Joel Birch (Amity Affliction)
John Butler
John Feldmann
John Salley
Josef Brown
Josh Moffitt (Antagonist)
Junpeng Huang
Jun Zheng
Justin Theroux
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Eubanks
Kevin Nealon
Kevin Parker (Tame Impala)
Khalil Fong
Kris Bosman (Antagonist)
Kristoff St. John
Lav Diaz
Leonard Nimoy
Lindsay McDougall
   (aka "the Doctor,"
   Triple J/Frenzal Rhomb)
Little Richard
Mac Danzig
Mark Ruffalo
Mark Xander Fabillar
Martin Dingle-Wall
Masami Akita
Masta Killa
May-T Noijinda
Michael Bolton
Michael Franti
Michael Stipe
Mike White
Milo Ventimiglia
Mitchell Scott (Cut Copy)
Mos Def
Murray Rose
Noah Wyle
Orlando Jones
Pankaj Advani
Sir Paul McCartney
Peter "Blackie" Black
Peter Dinklage
Phil Collen
Rahul Sharma
Raymond Bagatsing
Richard Linklater
Rick Rubin
Rikki Rockett
Rivers Cuomo (Weezer)
Rob Zombie
Ross McDougal (Antagonist)
Ruben Studdard
Rupert Everett
Russell Brand
Russell Simmons
Ryan McPhun (The Ruby Suns)
Sam Crocker (Antagonist)
Sean Astin
Serj Tankian
Shahid Kapoor
Sonu Sood
Stephen Marley
Steve Jobs
Steve Kilbey
Sunplaza Nakano
Thom Yorke
Tim Hoey (Cut Copy)
Tobey Maguire
Todd Oldham
Tom Crease (Frenzal Rhomb)
Tom Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel)
Tony La Russa
Vince Jones
Vivek Oberoi
Wei Li
Woody Harrelson
Xavier Rudd
Yixiang Li


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