Activate the Activist in You!

Ning tabling

We are fighting an ongoing war to help end the daily torture and massacre of animals, and we need you to help make a difference in the lives of animals today. What are you doing today, this week, or this month to help animals? Are you giving animals an hour of your time to distribute leaflets outside a KFC? Outside a store that sells fur? On a street corner? Are you writing a letter to a local newspaper or magazine about the benefits of a vegetarian diet or why people should not support pet stores?

Animals desperately need you to take charge now. As always, we are here to support you, but you must take the initiative to help animals on your own. Just because PETA comes to town or takes on a campaign does not mean that it's safe to shirk the individual responsibility to help animals. The animals need you to take the lead and stick up for them!

Activate the activist in you! Whatever you want to do to help animals is fine—just start doing it today! You will be rewarded with the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to save animals from miserable lives and cruel deaths.

Over the last year, some individuals in the Asia-Pacific region have been doing extraordinary work for animals. Take a look at our slideshow to see what people just like you are accomplishing!

Want to get active for animals and need a place to start? Join PETA Asia-Pacific's Activist Network to receive alerts and to network with other activists in your area, or just click here to find out how to take action today.