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Actor and Singer Urges Everyone to Protect Animals by Keeping Their Closets Fur-Free

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November 6, 2012

Beijing — Gazing into the camera next to the words, "I'm Li Sheng. I Don't Wear Fur," fast-rising actor and singer Li Sheng stars in a brand-new ad for People for the Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia. Sheng—who won hearts and fans as Little Swallow in the new version of the hugely popular TV drama My Fair Princess—is an ardent foe of cruelty to animals and eagerly teamed up with PETA Asia to speak out against fur.

"Fur belongs only on the backs of its original owners—the animals," says Sheng. "I encourage everyone to watch the video from PETA's investigations of fur farms in China and see why no cuff, coat, or collar is worth this kind of cruelty."

Her other acting credits include the TV drama Corner With Love, Desperate Love, and the upcoming Chiung Yao drama Flower in the Mist. In March, she fulfilled her lifelong dream to be a singer with the release of her debut album, Oh My God.

PETA's investigations of fur farms and markets in China—the world's leading exporter of fur—revealed that raccoon dogs are beaten with steel pipes and left to die slowly as they writhe in agony in full view of other animals. Rabbits' necks are broken while the animals are still conscious and able to feel pain.

On fur farms, animals live in barren wire cages, where they are exposed to all weather extremes as piles of waste accumulate below them. Many animals frantically pace back and forth and turn in circles in their cages. In Europe, investigators found minks on fur farms suffering from severe psychological distress, endlessly bobbing their heads, and pacing. Many minks even resorted to self-mutilation and cannibalism.

Sheng joins a growing list of celebrities—including Li Xiaoran, Karen Mok, Liu Xiaoqing, Sun Li, Maggie Q, Pink, Charlize Theron, and Penélope Cruz—who have teamed up with PETA Asia to speak up for animals who are killed for fur.

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